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® Weighted Goose

® Weighted Goose

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 Sleeping without anxiety has never been so easy...

Our Plushies are perfect for sleep and relaxation. Rated one of the #1 Weighted Plush of 2023, we promise you'll be drifting off to sleep in an instant.

All of our Plushies work just like a weighted blanket, applying reassuring and comforting weight like just like a hug.

Cuddling with this special goose will help release happy hormones, making you feel calm and relaxedAvailable in 5 sizes to suit your need and budget.

Make any day better with a weighted plushie!

Reduce Stress and Increase Serotonin

Applying comforting weight has been proven to reduce stress, increase focus, and increase serotonin!

Fall Asleep Faster 

Nothing beats falling asleep with a hug from a weighted goose! You'll fall asleep faster than ever before

The Perfect Gift for Someone You Love

The weighted goose is the perfect gift for a family member or friend. We promise they'll never forget it!

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